Do you believe it will take a miracle to save your marriage?

Well, understand this . . .
It's not over . . . unless you decide it's over!


Hello, I'm Mary Robinson Reynolds, M.S. and I'm thrilled you are "deciding for" your marriage by doing this Internet search to learn how you can heal, restore, rejuvenate and create an awesome, happy and healthy marriage!

Let me make this easy for you: If the other resources you are considering at this time do not have a spiritual foundation, they are not complete. Because of the "pull inside of you" that won't leave you alone, you are being lead here to learn about my Stay Married Online Course which will teach you how you can change any and all problematic areas in your marriage. In learning how to apply the Physics of Love in combination with one powerful Spiritual Principle you can transform the imPossible into the Possible.

There's a part of you that intuitively knows your marriage wants to be restored. What you want, wants you! You are not crazy for still loving your spouse and wanting to reconcile. The still small voice in your mind and heart is your spirit guiding you to this information so you can learn how you've been communicating attitudinally that's getting you want you don't want ...and most importantly, how to change it - energetically - in an instant, to get more of what you do want!

This course teaches that the effects of love are maximal and natural in the presence of love. If and when we find our spiritual center, a miracle will automatically occur.

Thought is the level of cause, and the world is the level of effects. Our greatest power to heal our marriages is our power to think about it differently. Our greatest hope lies not in "over-powering" reactions like shaming, blaming and condemning ...but in our power to transform consciousness.


Hi Mary!

I'm currently taking your Stay Married on line course and using the MasterMind concept. The results on several fronts have been more than astounding!!

I just want you to know that every time I read another line or section of your Stay Married Online Course I get hit between the eye-balls with another ah-hah!! I'm currently reading Chapter 6 about attractor energies and feel like I'm seeing everything about every relationship from a whole new perspective.

Thank you for the work you've done, and I am now enjoying the process of resurrecting my marriage instead of struggling and efforting through the process. I'm sure if he knew I was taking your course :) my husband would say he's glad too!!

You are amazing and I'll be ever-thankful that our attractor energies connected.

Warmest Thanks, ♥ Betty author of Living a 5 Star Life

"If you work on your marriage you'll always have a marriage to work on." 
-Jan Price author of The Other Side of Death



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  • PLUS, this program comes with it's own Connecting Your Puzzle Pieces Presentation Workbook so you can listen and follow along. This is a complete and powerful training. You can also use this in training with your own company's personnel. Value - $99

Additional Training Resource # 4

  • Connecting With Colors 2-hour Live eAudio/MP3 Presentation is built into your online course. Some of the personality style books and assessments available today are very harsh and degrading. People walk away feeling bad about themselves and mad at others they believe they are stuck with! What you will just love about this 2-hour Live eAudio/MP3 is not only that you learn what makes our individual quirks quite entertaining, you will actually feel good about those problematic areas of your personality type. What you will learn is that your strengths, ironically because they are strong, are sometimes also your problematic areas. But you won't be left hanging, you will learn just how easily it can be remedied between you and your spouse. Value - $199

Additional Training Resource # 5

  • Personal Printable Worksheets, Exercises and "Thought Expanders" to DISSOLVE your Barriers and Emotional Blocks around RECEIVING the Love you want in your life. Value Priceless

Additional Training Resource # 6

  • Special Free Report: 5 Sure-Fire Ways to Guarantee Infidelity Value - Priceless

Total Value of Additional Training Resources: $348

Please read on...

Dear Mary,

We spoke about a testimonial... I wrote this some time ago.... but didn't complete it... I suppose there is a reason.... I did not post it as from me because there is a need for anonymity at this time.

You may want to announce this success. My husband of 24 years told me in early June 2004 that he has met a girl, and has started a relationship with her. He still loves me and the children and nothing has changed. My initial reaction was to find the best possible way to leave him. Enough is enough, I thought. This isn't the first time and it won't be the last. I am all but ready to start anew with another man.

I bought books and surfed the internet and stumbled upon Mary's course. It wasn't what I was looking for. But the thing that made an impression was the question: "What do you prefer?" It encourages digging and finding out what my true, heartfelt desires really are. What do I genuinely intend and desire for myself.

What have I got to lose? So I purchased Mary's Stay Married Online Course. The first thing that the course did was to make me realize how I was also instrumental in pushing my husband towards his lifestyle. How the proverbs and expectations of the people in my community regarding a wealthy man's behavior. Mary told me about the cultural legacy that I am here to change not only for me, but for my children and the community..

Mary was also there for me as a personal coach.

Masterminding, Mary's coaching, the Stay Married Course, my MM partners have helped me in ways I could never imagine before. Not in the way I expect or in the time frame I desire -but it did.. IN Divine TIMING from unimaginable people met unexpectedly, things gradually change easily and effortlessly.

Mary told me to "paint a verbal picture of the future I desire". In all areas of my life - then turn it into a MM request.

My husband ended off his relationship in September last year. From then to January, he was involved with several short-term relationships. His business colleagues and "friends" he kept in company with who encouraged his alternative lifestyle when he was traveling on business away from the family, gradually dissolve into nothingness - in their place, sincere charming people gently breeze into our lives.

On Wed, Feb 1, he called while he was on a business trip abroad. I was in a London-bound train on the way to class. He asked me, "Are you sitting down?" I said, "Yes." He told me that he has amazing news for me. He met a man through a business associate who changed his perspective on life etc. and he has come to realized a lot of things and he intends to be more involved in spending time with me and the children in spiritual activities. (We used to pray together regularly as a family but stopped doing so more than 10 years ago). He also said that he has freely chosen a "totally monogamous relationship with me" (his words). He is doing it willingly and gladly, without any prompting from me. This wise man also told my husband. "Tell your wife to give up the rifle for the rosary...." I can't put it in words but I somehow understand what he is trying to tell me. He send us inspirational text messages daily. All this from a man who doesn't speak English from a small town in South East Asia. Who would have thought? Beautiful texts that I translate to English to disseminate to my loved ones.

Looking back, I realize that it is a gradual process and not as dramatic as he would like to think. I recall snippets of what he told me since last September which pointed towards the direction of spirituality and monogamy which he is being guided to. Our relationship is better now than pre-2004 days. Our differences dissolve faster. there is less anger and my relationships with all my in-laws, especially my mom-in-law has improved tremendously. My husband's relationship with my dad is also much better.

Both of them seem to have undergone a radical change.

At the moment, my son who has been diagnosed bipolar is going through challenging times which I now prefer to call a healing process. I now see beyond what he is going through to a beautiful destination for my family..... where all of us are healed and whole and our cups are filled. He is in Australia while I am in the United Kingdom... Presently, he is very dependent on a cocktail of substances including weed and alcohol and has several depressive sobbing episodes. I am now able to see beyond all that to a future I intend to create for and with him. Nowadays, I do not agonize that I am too far away to help and how helpless, I feel about his situation.

Thanks to Mary and to Spirit, I now take a deep breath, relax and surrender what is bigger than me to Spirit to take care.. I speak in term of preferences and MM what I desire. I have also started writing it out as Mary suggested in her course.. The pen is indeed mightier that the sword...

At times, i write out what i wanted to say to my husband or children or other people. Thousands of miles away from my son, I pen, at times, poetry, and it makes me feel better and somehow I know for certain that he gets the message and is definitely healing in his own way and in Divine Timing. I know that God and his angels are guiding and protecting him.

Thank you Mary.

In Love, Peace and Light,

Dear Martha

I am so pleased and thrilled for your marriage... and not the least bit surprised. It just takes the time it takes... And thank you so much for your story ... it's arrived just in time for Valentines day!

Regarding your son... I join with you in SEEING such beautiful, soothing healing light dissolve all his inner pain, confusion and separation of self ... and replace it with a peace and unification that passes all understanding.

What you wrote is beautiful. My son accepts stuff I write to him like this... so, because it is a mother's deepest love and devotion... I say send it! It's OK to let him know how deeply you love him and see him as whole, and well and embraced by the healing light of your love.

And yes, he is already feeling your message... beautiful words are always a good thing.

Even if he dismisses you at this time... you can KNOW ... you've planted beautiful seeds.

I feel it's of greatest importance at this pivotal time to:

Hold him in your prayers as many times throughout the day as you feel the need.
Keep him up at the MM message board as often as you feel the need.

Let's move him through this quickly and easily now.

I see an easy clarity moving through him. Clarity, harmony, peace and a "light" mind and heart... I see him finding fun and purposeful activity. I see him filled with his sense of self and importance to this world. I see him productive and fulfilled. I see God's long arm reaching out over him and conditions controlling his situation and protecting his interests. I see new people with new messages and joy coming into his life. I see him helping others and feeling his purpose in that... I see and agree that it is for the highest good to ask God to bring healing to your son quickly, easily and in great peace, joy and light ... right here, right now.... day in... day out...

Lovingly in the Hands of the Father we place your son.... thanking God for perfect health and healing now.

This or something greater!
And so it is.

In light and love,

PS ... if you haven't had a chance to listen to my most recent Radio Interview on Staying Married you can still listen to it below.

PPS ... to return to Love go watch:

... to transform any situation go watch:

For a .pdf version of this message for easy printing, Click Here

"Do you believe it will take a miracle to save your marriage?
Well, understand this . . . It's not over . . . unless you decide it's over!"

I could not believe it. What a bold, focused statement!!!! Who in the world could ever make a statement like this? I wanted to know immediately! I was able to see the first few lessons on-line without even signing up. I explored them as much as the on-line set up would allow before I found out how much the course cost. I hesitated for a few seconds. Well, what marriage isn't worth that??

I signed up. I began doing one lesson every night. They were long. They required a LOT of great introspection. There were exercises to do. It took up a lot of my time. Suddenly, I became so clear and so intent on what it was that I really, truly wanted from my marriage. I began MasterMinding ALL the time. I printed out the Daily Prayer, put it in a sheet protector and put it under my pillow. I said it out loud every morning when I woke up and every single night before I went to bed. [click here to read the prayer Gina used]

The muscle I found in this prayer and in this Online Course renewed my Hope to the nth power.

I worked and worked and worked with these concepts, with my "King Pins," with finding my voice, working with labels we either give ourselves or get from others during our lives, doing the same with labels we give our spouses.... It was EXACTLY what I needed. I guess that vibrationally, the Universe had heard my cry of despair. I had finally begun to draw to me just what I had intended. All of my learning about Manifestation had really brought me to exactly the right space and time.

I bought the gorgeous Art Print she has for sale in the online store on her site. I decided to give it to Charlie when he came to bring us milk or whatever. He put it up in his office. I'm sure those vibrations didn't hurt either.

I feel like the Assisi Adventure brought this all up. It pushed me to re-define myself and my relationships. It brought me to a place in which I could SEE my relationship with myself and with God. It pushed me to re-commit to myself and to God maybe for the first time ever.

Within 16 days, this transpired:

To: Beloved Charlie

We have an appt. with KDS tax prep for next Mon. at 8:00 AM

When you had that cold, did you also have a sore throat?? AAAAAAAHHHH, it burns!! Honey, I don't feel good. I'm going to bed. I wish you were here. I'm soooo cold!! Sorry if it is egotistical of me but, it is true. I WISH YOU WERE HERE. I think I'm getting a fever. ; (


His response was. "Nope, no sore throats. I am planning on moving back this Sunday afternoon."


OK, granted, it was not all that easy. We had been exchanging some very long, Heart-felt e-mail for almost the whole month of Nov. In the beginning, they were pretty stormy and angry, especially from my end. But soon enough, I began to be able to apply the concepts from the Seminary, from MasterMinding and from St. Francis to my communication with him and little by little, I could feel things shifting.

I'm not sure just where things will end up with this but, I'm a pretty connected person and I LOVE Masterminding!!!
The Holder of Infinite Hope



There is No Degree of Difficulty in Miracles


Listen to this radio interview with David McMillian, a Licensed Marriage Therapist,
with his own radio show called Strategies for Living. This is an interview for my
Stay Married Online Course. It aired March 2, 2006 on but you can listen right now!

Listen to Mary's MasterMind Session with a Radio Host in need of saving his marriage:

His Story Frequently Asked Questions Video Clip
Her Story More Testimonials

Renowned relationship and self-improvement expert Mary Robinson Reynolds, M.S. in Psychology - teaches you the user friendly physics she used in combination with the one Spiritual Principle that manifests a love connection that will last a lifetime. Not only does Mary have the educational expertise - she LIVED IT AND SUCCEEDED in reconciling her relationship with her husband, so they could simply and joyously be having fun and makin' love in their marriage the largest percentage of the time.

As a TurnAround Specialist, she specializes in mind technology, physiology, Quantum physics, Spirituality and introduces life-changing techniques that will help you discover how to give and receive the love you want. You will learn how to request and receive the spiritual assistance you need to create the healthy marriage you desire with your mate. You will learn easily and quickly through the encouragement of Mary's engaging writing style.

Yes, You Can Change Your Spouse
. . . and I Will Show You How!

The course I've written for you is the
magic wand you've been seeking
but thought couldn't possibly exist.

A Heartfelt Message From Mary:
It's important that you know that I have actually applied the information I share. Even though my husband had filed for divorce, I decided what I really wanted was to Stay Married and make sweet, sweet love together for the rest of our lives. We had reached that place of relationship melt down. Everything from every day communication to having sex had become hard work. I looked at sex as another job requirement I had to fulfill in order to keep my husband faithful. For my husband, sex was something he never got ... without an argument or much resistance! There was a continual energetic breakdown in our love connection resulting from resentment, anger, fussing and fighting. One day, he just walked out the door and filed for divorce.

A couple weeks into the separation, I realized this was not what I really wanted ... and so I began working with the Physics of Love in combination with the Spiritual Principle and 'voila' - within 4 months from when he walked out and filed for divorce, we reconciled ...and because of my work with the Principle, our marriage was transformed entirely. Now, peace, love, harmony and good will is our top priority, and making love is all that it can be ...and more!

For you see, as unorthodox as it may seem to you, our marriage is no longer about compromise... it is ALL about ALIGNMENT for both of us 100% of the time.

This course is not only about what I know will work, it is exactly how I did it, as have the thousands of other's who are following my lead. This course is about 'how' the work I did changed my husband, and me, in amazing and miraculous ways. - And you can do it too!

There are many courses and self help books on the subject of saving and rejuvenating your marriage available today, and they may have relevant information. Any material that helps you open your mind to seeing things from a broader perspective is worthwhile. But the largest percentage of the material out there covers only a fraction of the real issues going on in your marriage "energetically," and very few even approach the subject of asking for spiritual assistance and healing to come through the two of you in order for love to help you find a way back into each other's arms again.

As you can see from Scott's testimonial - later in this promo - he knew what he should be doing, but in the heat of the moment, he reverted back to old behaviors that got him what he didn't want - until he invested and did the work in my course.

I've written this Online Course because I know, beyond a shadow of any doubt, that it's never too late to save your marriage, regardless of whether you've been left and/or cheated on, or you are the one who has left and/or done the cheating, or there is just continual verbal and emotional discord, attack, loss and endless blame.

I've also written this course because there is a ton of "error" advice out there; advice that is "gamey" - telling you to do things that may create short term results but will never work for the long haul, and recommend that you do things that could even possibly make your situation worse.

Of yourself, you cannot fix this ...or you would have done so by now.

Your level of "thinking" has gotten you what you don't want, now you can learn how to think and feel differently, and begin to communicate more authentically, lovingly and powerfully in relationship to your spouse.

But until you do something different, nothing will change ...

Unless you realize that you need to:
1) take in new knowledge every day from my Stay Married Online Course,
2) understand the Physics of Love and use the strategy I teach,
3) ask for spiritual assistance to move through you in new and miraculous ways, and
4) understand this is about earning your Ph.D. in Marriage, and you therefore must persevere with the course work - you will not enjoy the longevity and permanence your marriage deserves.

Unlike most of the authors out there - I've LIVED through this experience and practiced the principles and the perseverance I've written about, to create a joy-filled, fun-filled, sexy, harmonious & loving marriage.

Through the application of other author's suggestions you may be able to excite temporary results. Generally these are referred to as "honeymoon" periods, which don't last very long and when things plummet again, you will find yourself sinking back into hopelessness, despair and old behavioral patterns.

By learning my entire formula for Staying Married - including the Physics of Love in combination with a most miraculous Spiritual Principle - you will find that happiness becomes an automatic process. This is for all time. There will be nothing "hit or miss" about it. You will enjoy demonstrating peace, enduring love, harmony, great sex, happiness and fulfillment without experiencing the strained frustration of those still working at it from the competitive, hard-work, take-all, give-nothing level of understanding.

Over and over, we receive emails from people that have said: "We have taken many marriage and relationship courses and gone to marriage counselors where all we did was fight - wait two weeks - and fight some more, and we paid these people thousands of dollars to move us closer to divorce! But not one of these people taught us anything about the Physics of Love, and how you can ask for Spiritual ALIGNMENT for your marriage! None of the information we received pointed out that our marriage needs a spiritual base in order to last. We are so relieved to know that your program stabilizes our marriage for a lifetime!"

My Personal Story about a Miraculous Reconciliation
Click here

This course is NOT about trying harder, turning yourself inside out to please your mate, or doing all those things that you know won't work at this point.

One of you can directly and deliberately change what's happening between the two of you energetically.

This course will show you exactly how to break through the narrow perceptions that can trap you in patterns of resentment and isolation and most importantly, how to heal the wounds that have already occurred.

One of you can, in fact,
bring the two of you back together again.


Love Birds

If you are dealing with infidelity
in your marriage, listen as
Mary visits with Carol about
what this course did for her.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

"Before purchasing Stay Married, my husband and I were on our way to divorce. In fact we had agreed to divorce, but remain in the house together for one year because of professional obligations. During that year I "accidentally" found out he was making love with another woman on his frequent trips back east. Now the reality of our impending divorce was upon me, and I was extremely grieved about losing him to another woman. This was NOT what I wanted after all!

Thanks to the one strategy that instantly transformed the energy between me and my husband, in combination with the Spiritual Principle, I saved my relationship within 2 weeks of finding out what was going on! I pulled myself up by the bootstraps and did exactly what Mary recommended in Session 1 and Session 8. Within the first week, things started happening in my favor, and by the end of the 2nd week my husband and I had fully and happily reconciled. Sex was non-stop for the next 6 months, and we were in our 60's! What delicious JOY! We are the happiest we've ever been in our married lives, and our Train Wreck happened over 10 years ago. Thanks to Mary's Spiritual Principle and specific directives, I was able to completely put "the other woman" out of my mind, and together we healed ALL of the relationship issues we had not previously been able to get past!"

- Carol Peterson, Professional Image Consultant


If you will promise yourself that you will never walk on eggshells again,
I will show you how to restore your marriage.

Through the phenomenally energetic information I have to share with you about a miraculous Principle, utilized in combination with the Physics of Love, you'll find that new energy begins to move through you for a more "aligned" way of communicating and connecting with your mate. You will also learn how to move quickly through any problematic issue that is currently keeping you from makin' love the #1 priority in your relationship, once again.

You Will Experience An Energy Shift in 20 Minutes ... or Less!

The new Quantum physics research reveals that when we change our minds, we literally change the state of matter itself.

Imagine then, how deeply our thoughts, feelings and attitudes are affecting our relationships.

You will discover how amazingly easy it is to utilize the Spiritual Principle to line up your energy and create the best results for the restoration and unification of your marriage. I've designed this program to show you how to take the problematic areas in your marriage that are currently most debilitating to your love connection and shift the energy to deliberately and intentionally transform your marriage.

When you purchase Stay Married - Make More Love & Less Conflict, you will immediately be able to access the Course Guide, which explains how the course works. There is nothing for you to download. You will do the entire course online at a designated website. You can either do the entire course online or print it out and take it with you. Each session will guide you through the course at your own pace.

The sessions will cause a shift in your thinking and your energy, through exercises, and simple, "user friendly" scientific explanations. You'll learn what's really going on in your relationship that may be diminishing your desire to be together, and most importantly, you will find simple shifts in thinking that can instantly change the energy and love connection in your marriage.

You will have sessions on each of the Top 5 De-Energizers of Love Making: power struggles, self-esteem, money, parenting and differences in sexual appetites. You will learn how easy it can be to ALIGN with your mate in each and every one of these most problematic areas, so you can create more love and a happier, more satisfying married life.

You will - deliberately and intentionally - be changing
your mind about what you've believed was possible

to receive from your spouse!

Completely self-paced, the course guides you through what's really going on in your relationship that is keeping the love from flowing. You will learn the non-verbal, energy-transforming skills essential to a vital, vibrant loving relationship that literally makes you feel like you are making love all the time. You can do the activities at any time you choose. You will always be able to access the course materials.

The great thing about this course is that you don't need your mate to do this with you in order to get your love vibes going to rejuvenate your marriage! I know that sounds crazy.

In this course, I introduce a miraculous Principle that you apply to your relationship on an "as needed" basis. Even if you've already heard about it, I'm willing to bet it is an approach you haven't tried before to heal, once and for all, the problems in your marriage and/or re-ignite your love making - largely because it never quite occurred to you to use it in this way.

In utilizing this Principle... you truly have the power to restore what may appear to be a "lost" relationship to full health, harmony, love and happiness. Yes, you can learn how to happily Stay Married and be in the "Less Conflict Love Zone" all the time!

Let me make it perfectly clear that the power of
this Principle for your relationship is not a means
of gaining control over your spouse don't go there!

In fact, it is quite the opposite.

It is about how this Principle will miraculously change us at depth in order to make way - allow for - new insights, new ideas and new decisions to flow through you and into your situation in powerful, life-affirming ways.

This most likely is not what you've been doing. Even if you knew you could be doing things another way, it just means you, by yourself, were not able to Make It Happen!

It's Not About Trying Harder!

Thinking in the ways you've always been thinking - "error thinking" - will not get you different results!

We all have levels of conditioning that are driving our negative behaviors and reactions, and most likely the root causes for diminishing the love we most want to receive. And, as hard as you've tried to control what's been going on, it's clearly not working if you are in a relationship desert - or headed to - separation, an affair or divorce court.

Therefore, the key to pulling your relationship together is that you simply cannot do it by yourself ...or you would have been able to by now.

In utilizing this Principle, you will learn how to use your mind and feeling power to easily and pleasurably create and attain a leveled-out playing field of happiness and sexy, juicy enjoyment in your marriage.

In this course of work, we acknowledge that we've tried our "ways" of doing things, and we acknowledge what has not been working and then .... and then ... we open ourselves up for new articulation of our desires to energetically come through us.

It is about transformation through your innate power and authority to determine the VISION of the relationship you have always wanted, without any more arguing, fussing, fighting, nagging, blaming or placating!

When you change your mind, you change the energy in the relationship. And that's what we are going for here.

I will give you easy and specific guidelines to stimulate your relationship to yield new, desirable results. I will give you specific requests to make in utilizing the Spiritual Principle.

You will receive new insights, and love will start energetically affecting what's happening between you, and your relationship will ultimately be transformed into exactly what you prefer that it be.

The love barriers you face in your relationship - abuse, death of a child, infidelity, poverty, loss, catastrophic illness or accident - can be relieved of their death grip, if you will only transform the situation by utilizing the energy that can come through you, when you use the Spiritual Principle I will give you in this course.

Mary, I wanted to write and let you know the miraculous effect your Stay Married - Make More Love & Less Conflict Online Course has had in my marriage.

First of all, in the past two years I have read every book on the market regarding how to keep love alive in your relationship, and when I purchased your course, my thought was, "What the hell! I've done everything else." I have become an excellent student, and while reading all of those other books, I understood what they were saying, but I just couldn't seem to "make" myself do the things I knew I should be doing to make love, not war.

With the application of what you recommend in the course, in combination with utilizing the Spiritual Principle you teach, I no longer am trying to make myself do anything. It is literally "coming through" me, as you said that it would. Thank you for introducing me to the Principle and giving me such an easy to understand explanation of the "Physics of Love" and how to instantly affect what's really going on in relationships. Regardless of how this turns out, my life is truly transforming, and I am feeling a peace that passes all understanding for the first time in over 5 years regarding the future I intend to create.

I just revisited Session 8 ...and absolutely love to read your work. Over and over. It amazes me how you pulled all of this together into a digestible format.

- Love to you and yours.....


IMAGINE OLD LOVE-DEFEATING PATTERNS - GONE! By yourself, you cannot do it. You've tried. You've given it the good fight ... and therein lies the problem. This is about not fighting any more for what you want.

This is not about compromise ...and this most certainly is not about walking on egg shells!

This is not about coming "at" the problems in your marriage any more.

This course is ALL about ALIGNMENT in money, parenting, sex and energetically influencing situations to transform them into preferred outcomes for all concerned.


More from Scott - Several Weeks into the Course

Having been totally taken to the cleaners in our separation and feeling financially devastated, the work I'm deliberately doing in your course also seems to be resulting in the rising of many $$ signs on the near horizon. All in the past few days. I am re-financing my house (to get a good interest rate as well as clear about $16G's in very old credit debt). Had to have it appraised. I bought this place 14 months ago for $75,000, it's the classic "fixer upper", and I have done Verrrrry little work on it. But - it appraised at $140,000 !!

Unbelievable. Can you say ... "windfall?" or "A Sign?" In just a few weeks of working with your course, I've already risen from a "broke" and financially depleted man, to a man renewed and regenerated and prospering in amazing, unexpected ways. I feel like I am hearing "Twilight Zone" music. Thank you for how the course has been opening my ears to that.

And - an update on my wife: I am still encouraged and most importantly, no matter what we are ironing out... I am feeling incredibly empowered by your "Do not be disturbed" strategy. I feel the energy of what I'm doing working. Thank you!

- Scott



Stay Married - Making Love & Less Conflict teaches you how to perform a very practical kind of magic through the power of DECISION. The skills you'll learn in this course will put your relationship on the right track, keep the love flowing day-by-day, and get you out of the inevitable tough places we all find ourselves stuck in now and then.

No matter what your starting point,
a decision to restore your marriage sets energy in motion.
There is nothing so powerful as the Power of a made up mind.

Marriage is the ultimate act of faith.


Recent Success Stories

HE IS HOOOOOOOMMMEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't exactly know what happened except a LOT of MasterMinding. One day he just decided that he was going to give it another chance. We had been talking, seeing each other and going on "dates" which was fun but still a little stiff and artificial. I was just to the point of suggesting maybe just coming over for the day to hang out and just do home things when all of a sudden I got an e-mail saying that he was COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night we were cuddled on the couch and he said, WOW, I could really feel that work you were doing on me. He said he could feel it a LOT.

Mary, Craig & everyone here, this is SOOOOOOOOO powerful and I'm soooooooooooooooooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I send LOVE TO ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My husband and I have been estranged for a year, living apart, he seeming so cold, distant, unresponsive, no apparent commitment on his end, and it was I who finally gave up and began a divorce. Then, I watched all 4 of Mary's on line Movies, read the free article about the Physics of the Love Connection, and felt little shifts happening in me. Then I bought the Stay Married course and started working on it.

One day, my husband suddenly called and asked me if I would care for his cat in my home...

On the day he came to pick up his kitty, he knocked and let himself into my kitchen. I came into the room from inside the house, and stopped when I saw him, --he stopped in his tracks, as well, --both of us just feeling how good it was to see each other and be in the same room, again.

...he and I stayed in this closeness and joy for 3 magical hours, just sitting and sharing from this budding, new place, about our heart's visions for what our partnership could actually be, and finally, surprisingly, finding ourselves making tender love... eyes locked, and hearts connected. And I had lost all hope that I could ever feel that way about him again! My eyes trickled tears of thankfulness to God and love for my husband, the whole, sweet time.

With heartfelt gratitude and love, J

My husband called today to say he is leaving the OW (other woman) and will be returning home early next week!

OK, and even the sex is going better several times a week lately!

Every time I turn something over to the universe thru my own mediation and asking others to see for me also, it always seems to work out. Sometimes as quickly as I hit the submit button. Such as today. I put in my requests, hit the submit button, and my cell phone rang. It was my husband calling to say he loved me! If this is not a story of success, I don't know what is.!

Last night - after a dynamic series of events divinely orchestrated by Higher Intelligence /Love and Mary's 'Turnaround Specialist' genius - my husband now says he wishes to MasterMind with me, 'to get the marriage he really wants' - and is speaking phrases like 'healing my marriage' in place of 'hating marriage'! I am so grateful and in such wonder ... and so, I wish much encouragement to my friends here - to all of us who are being 'changed at depth' by these powerful quantum teachings that Mary has lived herself, and is now sharing with us for the divine healing of our marriages.

I want to share how much Mary's course has helped me. I had been to all the web sites on infidelity, divorce, midlife crisis, etc. I have also read numerous books and gone to a counselor. Although each of these sources helped me, it was not until I purchased Mary's course that I finally saw the light. I knew that I had to forgive, I knew that I was a part of the problem, but I didn't know how to change it. Mary's course explains how our "thinking" has to change for our circumstances to change. She gives numerous scientific and psychological examples of how and why it works. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is going through a "train wreck" in their marriage... My husband and I are reconciled, but I still have weak moments. Mary's material gives me strength, because it is the TRUTH.

Tonight I went back and re-read May's Session 2. After reading it, I felt a need to post a Success Story. Last April, my world turned upside down, inside out, and around and around in many directions. I remember finding Mary's site and thinking I couldn't afford it, and H was way gone. I could afford a lawyer, a private investigator, road trips to find out where and who he was with, and other expensive things dealing with a divorce and doing outrageous things, but I couldn't afford Mary's course. It's as if God knew I was not in a place to accept love, and I had to go through a lot of "manure" to find it... Then thank God in December I found Mary's site again, and knew that I couldn't afford not to afford it. Now, MasterMinding is working for me "phenomenally," because I am "willing to do the work."



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Mary Robinson Reynolds has helped thousands of men and women back to their initial electric love connection. Why not you? Invest in yourself - and your mate - now ...and Mary's information will instantly lift your energy and rev your desire back up where it was designed to be. You'll find your interest in restoring your marriage to the love haven it started out as -- totally renewed. You'll find you don't have the heart any more for fussing, fighting and arguing ...and you'll learn how to completely transform your self-esteem, communicate easily and align in all previously problematic areas of your relationship: from money - to kids - to sex ...and get back to fundamentals - making love.

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There's absolutely no way you can lose out - unless you decide to "think it over." But frankly, this shouldn't even be something you need to think about, because I don't know one single person who has not been able to instantly affect change in their marriage by doing exactly what I recommend beginning with Session One.

Trust what feels best and go for it! You'll be glad you did.

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