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"Before purchasing Stay Married, my husband and I were on our way to divorce.  In fact we had agreed to divorce, but remain in the house together for one year because of professional obligations.  During that year I "accidentally" found out he was making love with another woman on his frequent trips back east.  Now the reality of our impending divorce was upon me, and I was extremely grieved about losing him to another woman.  This was NOT what I wanted after all!

Thanks to the one strategy that instantly transformed the energy between me and my husband, in combination with the Spiritual Principle, I saved my relationship within 2 weeks of finding out what was going on!  I pulled myself up by the bootstraps and did exactly what Mary recommended in Session 1 and Session 8.  Within the first week, things started happening in my favor, and by the end of the 2nd week my husband and I had fully and happily reconciled.  Sex was non-stop for the next 6 months, and we're in our 60's!  What delicious JOY!  We are the happiest we've ever been in our married lives, and our Train Wreck happened over 3 years ago.  Thanks to Mary's Spiritual Principle and specific directives, I was able to completely put "the other woman" out of my mind, and together we healed ALL of the relationship issues we had not previously been able to get past!"

- Carol Peterson, Professional Image Consultant

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Dearest Mary,

I am now meeting my goals one step at a time. It has not been as hard as I thought it would be. It took some courage to trust myself and go for it.

Here's what I've done through utilizing the Secret Principle and the power of my resolve:

    • Lost sixteen pounds without dieting, through following the specific goals and requests you created in the course to use in combination with the Principle. Putting things in perspective helped me release the weight without dieting.
    • The Principle also helped me take action regarding my twenty-eight year old step-son in taking charge of his life. He's now out of the house having the adventure of his life!
    • My brother in law, who went back to doing drugs, is now in drug rehab, and he's found his spiritual connection, finally. He's tried to depend on himself, and he now realizes that there is definitely something greater trying to happen.
    • The peace that came at the moment of my resolve, after the application of the "Principle" in combination with the ONE energy strategy, was indescribable, and I found that I had a skip to my step that I haven't had in years.  

The Principle you recommend using with my special advocates gave me the approval I needed to believe in myself and to set energy in motion.
My marriage is totally back on track, and Life Is So Good.
Sincerely, Gina

Mary has made self-analysis challenging and painless. We all need to look at our self improvements before we can apply them to our lives.
Charles White

This course has really opened my eyes! It showed me how to ask for help from my closest friend in a way that got us out of blaming and cursing and put me onto a higher plane. I have opened a whole new dialogue with my soon-to-be-former-spouse, and things are turning around already. The divorce is now on "hold" while we apply the Principle with each other. I will keep you posted as things change.
Paul M.

Several months back, my third grade son was suddenly acting out in class and resistant to his teacher. The key word here was, suddenly. This was not typical behavior for my son and I was alarmed because this change in behavior had just come on during the past few months and was escalating.

Upon purchasing your Stay Married Online Course, I jumped ahead to Session 10: Parenting Alignment because my husband and I were have constant disagreements - angry arguments - over how to discipline our son. It seemed that our marriage was suddenly on the skids too.

The section on how your children mirror what's going on for you, jolted me wide awake. I realized that I had been growing increasingly unhappy and depressed about being a stay at home mom.

I'd been avoiding making any decisions about what I really wanted to do with my life now that my children were growing up. I had been avoiding a dream to start my own business and had been blaming my husband for my unhappiness and depression. WOW!

As soon as I got a hold of myself and started making a plan for my life using the Principle with my closest advocates, my son's behavior mellowed out and he returned to enjoying school!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
Julie M.

Mary, thank God for Session 10 on Parental Alignment in your course. Our marriage was all but over because of how terrible our daughter was behaving and splitting us apart.

We believed that our four year old daughter has been bent on controlling us since birth with her defiant, angry and blatantly stubborn behaviors. In understanding how powerful labeling is to a child's behavior and resulting disposition, it's no wonder life has been a battle with her since birth.

In remembering back to her premature birth, her grandparents were present and one of them said, "She is already controlling you, by insisting on coming a month early." And there it was, our label - our AEP - attractor energy patterns in motion! So we immediately began fearing her control of us. We inadvertently made her the enemy, and her behaviors therefore matched our expectation.

We are so thankful for this information. No sooner than we re-labeled her, her behavior became instantly loving and peaceful with us. She is now our Sweet Sweet Girl.
Jennifer and Gary J.

Did this stop the dry spell? I just did what you said would save my marriage, and it worked!

I am loving the course and am spreading the word to others here in Puerto Vallarta.
Joy to you, Jane

The course work is fantastic. The material and presentation is thoughtful, creative and refreshing to read and use. Thank you for the special efforts to put this together and share with all of us. 
Chris V.

Thank you Mary, for being such a wonderful coach and example. You're teaching of the Principle has made a huge difference in my life; as well as many, many others.
Many Blessings, Gayle

Your information was totally on target! It was well worded and exactly what I needed to hear. It made me think, and take a look at my marriage and all of the relationships in my life, and I will take action where needed. Thank you very much for the weekly encouragement!

Thanks, Mary . . .
I really needed your course today . . . ."As long as it's a problem, it's a problem." Hope all is well with you and yours . . . . Hope we get to meet someday.

Ah, you're too good to me! I must say, I have really enjoyed Mary's book. Did I tell y'all I delivered #4 on the 10th? I have the book next to my rocking chair and read one topic a day while I'm feeding the babe....then take the rest of the time/day to contemplate its relevance, history and possibilities in my married life - the goal: to stay happily and joyfully married. To me, the ideas are something all people could/should take the time to read to grow themselves for success in all they do! Best to you!

Mary, I thought you would like to know that your course has made a difference in me. It has helped gel mega amounts of information that I have been feeding to myself to save my marriage for the last year or so. I feel as if I have a handle on knowing what I want and how to attain it.

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your course and your wisdom is helping me create a happy, joyous marriage with my husband. You are a dynamic writer and your words are still bouncing around in my mind. (It must be a green thing!) Again, thank you for your efforts in presenting such an interesting course. Honestly, it was the best money I have spent on me in a while!

Mary's course helped me see and understand the people in my world and myself and how we act and react to each other and the situations and how to accept "what is" and then proceed powerfully. I feel less stress and more understanding as a result of the hows and whys. I found Mary makes her course not only powerful, but fun!  My love for my husband is renewed and I am at peace.

Mary's course has helped me - EXTREMELY! I now understand the issues of attitude and communicating with other personality styles - especially my husband and my children - and how they perhaps perceive me! And how I can "tone" myself to their needs. I feel like I am now more perceptive to what is really going on and I was amazed at the energy and eye opening (simple) results I am able to get from other people!

Mary's awesome course has helped me in that I can now utilize this info to be more effective in communication with not only my husband, my children and step-children, but I am pleasantly surprised to know that it is something I can easily apply to my co-workers and other personal relationships. First I learned how to evaluate everyone, second, to think how I have been communicating, and finally ... change! I have discovered how to adapt Mary's methods to be more effective, but stay in my power.

I find that I am starting to understand myself better, i.e., why I do things the way I do, why I react to my husbands' idiosyncrasies the way I do, etc. It has also helped me to understand why people do some of the things they do. As a result of Mary's course, I will try to understand people even more and to work with different challenges that I am presented with. Mary's content was very easy to understand and apply because Mary is absolutely wonderful at what she does-THIS WAS GREAT!

Mary's course is very proficient. I am nearing retirement age and thought I might not find a lot in the course I could use. I was wrong, as I realize now I have the rest of my life to use the tools she given in her course.

Dear Mary,
I had a success tonight, Thank you Thank you THANK YOU.  My HUSBAND CALLED when I was at my nieces Birthday party. He wants to come over tomorrow to give me the money to pay the bills, he gives me money every week but he deposits in the bank. He said he has car problems, but I know he Wants to see me.

I am so happy I finally found your course, it's already working He sounded really good. I know he still loves me and I can't wait to share the course with him. When we first met God brought us together. And I know HE WILL bring us together again, I know I have to be Patient, but I believe in everything you are talking about, I always did, I just have to be reminded from time to time. See me being MINDFUL. MINDFUL. MINDFUL.!!!! Thank you so much for your support.  This DOES WORK YOU JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE.  It took a whole year to find you, but thank God I finally did!.
Thank you, Donna

I'm currently reading Session 7, one I haven't read yet. I'm "digging" in with the lessons. Gotta have more of this good stuff!  Most of all, I'm thrilled at the improvements in myself. I'm certainly a work in progress. My heart's desire is to extend this to ALL our family members.

The teleconference Thursday night was a blessing. What a "renewing." (During the whole time I was on the phone, H kept walking past my office door on his way to the kitchen and would make "funny" faces at me. Hope you didn't hear me chuckling.)
My heart is so full of gratitude, I can't help but gush. I didn't mean to brag so much over the phone, considering so many have already "gone over the cliff." My heart goes out to them. But, I feel very fortunate that I "stumbled" upon your teachings, just as I was about to shove "him" (and our marriage) off. You caught us in time!  I told you about what a difference even a "little" amount of work has done for my marriage. I'm so thrilled with the results, and the more I "work" (actually it's fun) the more I "feel" the change.

Just an example: Wednesday night H and I were watching TV and making small talk, (don't remember what it was about) he got up to get something from the bedroom, and as he was going through the door he turned and said, "I'm lucky to be married to you."   I felt like jumping up and singing, "No! I'm the lucky one!" (Isn't there a song by that title?)  And this is the guy I wanted to "kick to the curb" just last year!? I don't think so!!  And I'll stop here before I start telling you all the neat things H and I have said and done today. And more plans for fun are in the making at this time! Gotta go! He's waiting on me! (Wow! What a guy. I feel like a newlywed!)

God never ceases to amaze me in how he works in our lives. He has quite an "Operation" going on. And I thank Him every day for working through you. Thank you again, and again, and again...

After a bad day at marriage counseling I spent the day with my husband and tried to let the universal power take hold but had a hard time doing it. We came home and I read your last news letter and found it very revealing to my situation. I couldn't understand why all of a sudden I have been attracting other men since this whole situation has presented itself to me. I tried very hard to see a future with my husband but then when a situation would present itself I would fall prey to other men seeking my attention and all the while I just want the attention of my husband.

Because my husband doesn't and hasn't given me attention in a very long time I sought the attention of another via the Internet. I knew I was wrong but it was like a band aid on a large gapping wound. I ended it through the help of my master mind partners and saw results immediately.

This afternoon I master minded with my partners as well as on the Bulletin Board I read your last news letter and then went to church all through church I kept praying and and felt the anxiety finally leave me when I realized how much your words cut me to the quick. You spoke about being a victim and how you relate that energy to your spouse and you spoke about how your attitudes will be felt by your spouse. I felt like a lightning bolt hit me when I realized I was putting out a vibe for other men to pay me attention because I was lonely and I am angry at the other woman for taking my man. You call this being a victim. Yes, I fell prey to this attitude too. Now that I know this I let go of that attitude. Secondly, a laser sharp focus came through to me and that was I thought I wanted a man for security specifically one with a college degree, but what I truly want is my own degree. I still am having a hard time focusing on my future with my spouse I guess that means I still have some king pins to clean out.

By the way thank you all for your kind hearted words of compassion during my time of crisis.

Why is it sometimes hard to focus on a future with the one you truly love when they don't know what they want? Shouldn't it come easy if this is what you truly want?

I don't know when I subscribed to the program, I only know that my husband is coming home this weekend, and we are talking in ways that can only be described as "falling in love again."

August 2003, he wanted to not be married anymore, by himself, make his own decisions. Divorce papers were signed in October.  November 9th he moved out.

I could go on and on with too much detail, but, just after midnight on January 2nd, 2004 he phoned.  The papers are being filed to "Dismiss Completely" the Dissolution of Marriage.

Our pledges now to and with each other feel stronger than the marriage vows we took over 31 years ago.

My husband and I are sharing a lot of conversation about the experience we have just had. We are both very happy with the outcome in our reconciliation.  The truly enlightening open communications between us is occurring slowly and surely in ways that will support the next 31 years of our life together!

I admire and respect the dedication to concepts that I feel, require a great deal of your energy, faith and belief.

I find it inspiring that you have dedicated yourself to the program that you have developed, which probably reaches many people that rely on 'blind faith' alone.  Keep up the good work you are doing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Quantum leaps with Master Minding!
Love, peace, joy and good will to all.
Christine J.

Hello Mary,
I've been reading your Sessions in Staying Married for several hours tonight and just feel great and very blessed.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for getting your "words" out there. I've read many things over the past year or so trying to find comfort and hope and now I have.

I'm embracing the Spiritual Principle and loving it.
God bless you,

Dear Mary,
I want to thank you.  I have applied the wisdom of the Spiritual Principle you talk about in your Stay Married course ...and such a turn around has occurred!!!

Our marriage is the greatest love story ever told!

Here's a bit of my story.  A month ago I learned that my husband had an interest in someone else and had been seeing her for a few weeks.  I was blown away.  We have a strong relationship, and children.  Sure, times have been rough, but such a sweet tenderness between us...  So this was a shock. He was away for a long-term business contract when I found out, and we corresponded through emails. He stopped contact with her to work on us.

I was not so easily convinced.  I had deep feelings of devastation and betrayal.  He told me that he had been looking on the web to find information on how to heal after affairs...  so I went looking on the web.

I found you!  What a gift.

Since I am a family therapist, I knew enough to know that, when affairs happen, the responsibility lies in both members of the couple.  I knew I had contributed some how.  I was wounded, yes, and so lost...  I wanted to find a way, a different way, than living in the hell of my mind.  I realized in a day, that my marriage was more important than anything, and I have not been treating it that way.

Your words "you can Stay Married, if YOU want to, even if only one of you is working on it..." made an impact on me.  I read everything I could get my hands on of your works.

For the past few years I was working 50 hours a week, finishing school and raising children (no wonder I didn't have time to focus on my marriage).  Last September I quit one job, and am working just part time.  This has been great on several accounts...  I am home more, but we have less money and more stress in the transition.  I knew though that I could not keep up the pace...  I was dying inside.  I just had faith this would work.  It has taken me several months to find my way back to myself.

In the mean time, the toll has been taken on our relationship.  I am not saying that I caused this (my husbands behavior) ...  but I certainly contributed to us growing apart and him not feeling important. I wasn't paying attention to our marriage!!!  Resentment had been brewing for some time in me, and now I am taking full responsibility to Stay Married.  It's not easy.  This is not the easy path.  NO, it's the most difficult thing I have undertaken (to say no to my negative thoughts and ways.) But it is the most loving path and what I want.

I have been a practitioner of meditation and universal spiritual path for many years.  This is something that my husband and I shared...  and the schedule was also overwhelming.  (I am seeing all the ways that we have put other things first, and not our marriage).  So recently, I have vowed to God to surrender to learn to love unconditionally.  Well God answered ...  in the opportunity!

I wasn't sure I was courageous enough to put "my way" aside and be committed to do what it takes to Stay Married.  I had to deal with my indignant self-righteous self...  But this is the test.  Where is my heart? What is my goal? What is the most important thing in the world to me? Your weekly Stay Married Column and continued reading of your works have kept me encouraged.  I also started doing "See for me and my husband a loving, respecting, sexually full-filling, joyful, sacred marriage." "See for me detaching my old wounds of mistrust." "See for me healing my anger and loving myself." I found friends to support me in my goal.  I keep my thoughts and actions focused on the goal of staying married, loving my husband with tenderness and attention, and being the wife that is worth staying married to.

I loved your most recent email to the woman who wanted to quit.  It was harsh...but real.  And it's the truth.  We get what we focus on.  It reminded me of the movie: "Miracle" which I saw this weekend. The coach was a difficult coach, but he saw what was needed to build the team and for them to win.  This is true with marriage.  Woman are raised to play victims, and I have for too long.  Enough.  Enough focusing on negative and past hurts.  Now is the time to get my Ph.D in marriage and loving.

This past weekend we knew it could be hard, in this healing phase, but with your written words and support, I focused on the relationship I DO WANT!, not on the past.  Stay present.  Stay loving.  Drop expectation of how he is going to affirm me ...  I Affirm him and myself.  I coached myself: "Call on God to support you.  You know all this spiritual stuff ... USE IT!  I did. WE did. We cried and laughed and loved. It is a beautiful weekend. We are both committed to Stay Married and work through this. Though my focus is to be the wife he wants to be married to. Thank you. Thank you.

I have more to learn and I am open to it. I Know that you have helped and supported this one marriage, just by being there.

Getting a Life ... and Toe Curling Sex!

Little did I realize the incredible impact that Mary Robinson Reynolds' Secret Principle and relationship goal setting course would have on my life! Professionally, I needed to address the "reality" that I was in a job that required between 65 and 70 hours a week. I worked Saturdays and well into each evening to keep up with the workload. I was exhausted all the time. My personal history was that I was in a dead-end relationship that was incredibly destructive. I stayed in it because I was comfortable with what I had and didn't want to explore the possibility of being by myself possibly for the rest of my life (or so I thought). In one word, I was "Scared."

On August 26th, 1999, during Mary's Course, I decided to go for it and put my goals and intentions on paper, step into my power and take deliberate action to make these changes in my life. So, my first goal was to get into a job that I would work no more than 50 hours (or less) each week. My second goal was to move out the relationship I was in. My third goal was to meet an incredible woman so that I could have someone to share my feelings with. The fourth goal was to join a singles group at my church. My fifth goal was to start dating in 2000.

The individuals I wanted to meet were people I could share and communicate my deepest secrets to. I also wanted a male companion who I could trust and love. Another huge parameter was an intellectual equivalent (competent, capable and emotionally available). I set a date that I would join the singles group in October and selected a advocates to check in with.

Now that I'd made the commitment to myself, I had to act. In regard to my first goal, I put it out there, masterminded with my partner and started the wheels in motion. I sat down with each one of my bosses, told them my expectations for my job and gave them a deadline as to when I would stop all of the overtime.

On the miraculous day when the overtime was to stop, additional responsibilities had been added to my plate. My only alternative was to find another job. Within minutes of my decision, an email came to me from a former boss wanting to know if I knew of someone who might be available for a job that was opening in his department. I called him, we set an informational interview. I had 3 points I clearly wanted to negotiate up front, and the essential element was no more than 50 hours per week. My new boss agreed to all issues, and I started to work for him in November. Currently, I am working a 44 hour week and loving the extra time I have to devote to my life!

Next, I immediately ended the relationship I was in so that I could move forward. I joined the singles group at church and found that to be one of the hardest things I had ever done. The first meeting there were only about 10 people, and I felt so uncomfortable. However, I stayed with it and the next meeting there were 30 people. At the 2nd class, this awesome woman sat next to me, and we struck up a conversation. We immediately hit it off, and I came to adore the bright and truly beautiful person she is. We are now very best friends and can share every aspect of our lives.

Wow, goal number 1, 2 and 3 were realized, it was amazing to me. I then signed up for a class at church which was geared on how to meet fun people. At this class, I was forced to step out of my "box" and initiate conversations with men. Totally out of the box for me, because I am quite shy in this type of setting. At the end of each class, I ran out of the room and straight to the protection of my home. This was so difficult for me but I stuck with it!

Well, on January 2nd, 2000, I got a voice mail at work from a very handsome man I had spoken to for 5 minutes at this class. I only gave him my name and where I worked. He apologized for calling me at work, however, this was the only way he knew to get a hold of me. We went out the next weekend, and I had an incredible time. Next, I had a dear friend introduce me to one of her friends, and we started to date. Then at a potluck I discovered that someone that I had worked with was a member of my church and single and now we are dating. Currently, each weekend is scheduled through June! Each one of these men are available, established, intellectual caring and compassionate.

I could have never imagined back in August where I would be today. Mary said: "Stand in your power and be deliberate in what you intend and ask for in using the Principle, because you WILL experience new results." Well, I am happy to report, I got it, and it's better than I initially imagined..... Mary Ann

____________One Year Later___________

Hey there! Hello...Miss Mary: What a welcomed surprise, I have also thought of you often. I can see that your still really busy, two books, how exciting. I'll definitely have to read both of them. What great titles the both of them are!

I have been so good I can barely stand myself. Yesterday was my birthday and I received emails from all over the country. These were from ladies that I worked with in Southern California in 1972. We are all planning on having a reunion in July when I travel down there. It was a real blessing catching up with all these ladies. Made such a special day, I cannot explain what a blessing it was for me.

My love life couldn't be better (and the sex absolutely curls the toes every time; I hit pay dirt =;).

I am still seeing the cutest man in the world. I cannot believe it that I have been with him a little over a year now. He is a kind, sensitive, sweet caring person, incredible dad and I get all excited just thinking about him. On my relationship goals that I put together 6 months prior to even dating, he had every quality listed.

The only thing he didn't have was going to my church. This is something that he is not interested in and I would never push it. I figure that he is so generous and giving that I can learn from him how to be a kinder/more generous person. Guess you could say I love this guy to pieces - life is good.

The stalker guy that had been hounding me forever stopped in November, so I don't have any worries about him anymore. My son was the butt head of the year in 2000, I hope he is coming out of it now. Still has a lot of growing up to do, but he is much better (not into drinking or drugs - thank God).

I have my sabbatical coming up in July and I'll be off July, August and September, now tell me life doesn't get any better. I'll be spending a lot of time in California and a couple of weeks in Sunriver & Newport.

Love ya sweetie, Mary Ann


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