There are many other books and programs that have a ton of stuff for you to say and do differently to save your marriage.

Trust me on this, you won’t do it.

#1 – Most of what you will read, you already know you could be doing.

#2 – You can’t seem to make yourself do what you could be doing because you’ve got too much stinkin’ thinkin’ going on.  That’s right – it’s “you” that’s got too much stinkin’ thinkin’ going on.

#3 – Any program that doesn’t have a spiritual foundation is incomplete

The problems in your marriage that have brought you here today,
will not be healed or solved with out spiritual solutions.

From the desk of Mary Robinson Reynolds . . .

Not even my master’s degree in counseling could prevent my husband from walking out the door and filing for divorce. 

I felt his heart leave the marriage and intuitively knew exactly when he consummated a long-standing attraction to another woman. 

I am the author of Stay Married:  Make More Love & Less Conflict Online Course & Audio Program.  My online course helps men and women revitalize and restore a marriage that may appear to have ended.  My basic premise is, “It’s not over unless you decide it’s over.”   

I will show you exactly how I restored my marriage by changing the way I was thinking about our relationship. 

Despite my husband being out of touch and hostile to what he called my “woo-woo” spiritual ideas, he did indeed respond to this shift in energy between us and returned home to recreate a loving commitment with me.

Although some 50-60% of married men and 45-55% of married women engage in extramarital affairs at some point during their relationship, my story is one of hope that many of those marriages do not need to end. 

You see:

We have become really good about leaving when love brings up that which most needs to be healed. 

What we have not made an honest effort to do, is to learn how to stay, to heal and restore so we can experience the long lasting fulfillment and blessings that marriage can bring.

You are entitled to save your marriage because it is your sacred entitlement. 

You get to play this card.  It’s what you signed up for during the marriage ceremony.

There is a spiritual solution to every problem.

And I’ve written this course to teach you how to think differently and create relationship goals that will 1) empower you and 2) bring you miraculous spiritual assistance and divine intervention.

What matters right now is what you are deciding.

We’ve just seen a rash of movie stars filing for divorce.  This is truly a reflection of the mentality of our society today. 

There was, at one time, great love in these marriages. We all saw it, we all experienced it through watching them from a distance.  We were touched by their lives, because it is our own marriages we want to remember how to feel the love in.

So, let me say this as powerfully as I know how:  what they, like you, are in the midst of losing at this juncture ….will be forever haunting.

These are unnecessary losses.

This is not God's will.

This is man's will superceding, superimposing on God's will.

I know.

I divorced my first husband for the same reasons. 

What I didn’t know, because nobody took me aside to tell me, is that the decision I was making, because I couldn’t see a way out, would affect my heart and soul for the rest of my life. 

I learned the very hard way that love does not die because you sign a paper saying “Arrivederci baby, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!”  

The pain of that decision is there every time you hear their name… til’ infinity and beyond.

Why infinity?  Because when you created this sacred union, this is what you vowed.  Remember that? 

So when my second husband walked out the door, I got down on my knees and prayed to be moved powerfully to do things differently.  I asked to be moved to do whatever I was going to be guided to do …and I asked to have all fear, resentments, anger and hurt dissolved in me. 

In other words, I asked to be changed at depth.

And then, and only then, did the journey to a new way of living and loving begin in me and through me. 

It was without a doubt tough work. It was the most important and valuable work I’ve ever done.  It took four months that felt like an eternity.  And just so you know, I would have given it longer, if that was what it took.

What I did differently:

I sought real support. 

I knew a bazillion people, and yet I found only one person willing to MasterMind with me for the restoration of my marriage.  It only takes one.

I had been MasterMinding for over a decade, for my business. 

It never occurred to me to MasterMind (set goals and ask for spiritual assistance) for relationships …and I was a relationship counselor! 

MasterMinding is what happens when two or more minds come together in the spirit of harmony with a clear goal or objective in mind:

“No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind.”  - Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

Not until my 2nd husband walked out the door, moved 3 hours away and cut off all communication with me, did I turn to the one thing that could restore my marriage: Spirit.

Understand this:  There was ZERO communication.  He refused to listen to one more word I had to say.  He was cruel beyond belief.  All I got was: “Talk to my lawyer.”

And so I had only one recourse:  Spirit, God, Infinite Intelligence and the seeing power of my MasterMind partner to move the energy and create the healing that needed to take place to restore our marriage.

One of you can bring the two of you back together again.

And just so you know… healing is messy.  It’s painful and heart opening … and it’s the total opposite of what you’ve been thinking, saying and doing. 


…and if you are reading this, you’re starting to realize that the knowledge you currently have is most certainly not adequate to get what you really want: love, peace, harmony, accommodation, generosity, exclusiveness and pure positive joy.

So, you get to decide.  It’s not over unless you say it’s over.  You are entitled to spiritual assistance, transformation and all that your heart is leading you to create with your mate.

Here are your first 3 steps:

1)    Decide for your marriage.

2)    Stop talking to the people who say “you should leave.”

3)    Learn how to think differently.

If you want to remain a victim of your own making, keep doing it your way.  Buy books and programs that are gamey and use trickery to get your spouse back.

If you really want to do the greatest, most worthy work of your life, purchase my course, MasterMinding with someone who believes in you and your marriage, and commit to doing the work in the course daily, for as long as it takes to transform your life and your marriage, period.

What matters is that you:



At they supposedly review and rate books on stopping divorce. Call their phone number and you will find it’s disconnected.  It’s probable that they stand to gain from the books and programs they rate A+ in that they may receiving affiliate revenue from.  They have no such arrangement with me.  My course had been in their "review" with blatant mis-representation of what it is, and my husband tracked down the owner of the site and got them to take down our listing.

Also interesting:  not one of their top 10 have a spiritual foundation.


My program offers unconventional spiritual insights and practical perspectives on healing a marriage damaged by infidelity, including:

  • What makes emotional or mental infidelity every bit as dangerous for a marriage as physical betrayal.
  • Why you’re not crazy for still loving your spouse and wanting to reconcile.
  • Why and how just one partner can bring both back together again.
  • What “spiritual alignment” means and how it can recreate that missing spark.
  • Why getting your mate to change is irrelevant to reviving the vanished love vibes.
  • How to apply – for better or worse – Einstein’s principle that

             “Your mind is the theater of coming attractions.”

Seriously …My course is only for those people who really want to Stay Married and are willing to do the work that it will take to do marriage differently. 

So, if your intuition is guiding you to learn something really new, , doing your work to restore your marriage.


You can register right now for
unlimited online access to the Online Course for $79.
You buy it once and get to come back and use the course "forever." 

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