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Spiritually Moved!- Posted by L
Mary states "Messages are being sent and messages are being recieved back. What we think and what we feel is vibrating out into our world. If your spouse has blocked your energetic communication, it's because you've done too much 'coming at' the isues and problems with your fear, anxiety or need to control or fix things." Who me? Yes, L, you. Mary says so, and so far she hasn't steered you wrong. "You will be spiritually moved to change your approach." Yep, it has happened. "We all have levels of emotional conditioning that are driving our negative behaviors and reactions and most likely are the root causes ruining our marriage." Who me? Yes, L, You. "the key to this Puzzle is that you simply cannot do it by yourself....or you would have been able to do it by now" Mary, Session 2

I spent a lot of wasted time this past year thinking I'd never be able to forgive my H, well I've been "spiritually moved" and found that somewhere along the way I got tired of giving him and the ow my power. Once I forgave I got my Power back. This chaos in my life was necessary for me, my H and our children to reconnect with our Faith. I've been sabotaging my greatness. I'm grateful to my H for complicating my life and me him, so that we now have this beautiful chance to live in fun, peace, harmony and some great sex thrown in there God would be OK too. Thank you.

I've decided to let go of yesterday's grief. In the past when someone wanted to know all the "gossip" surrounding our chaos, well I couldn't wait to tell them what a "beep, beeping, beep" he was, now I'm easily bored with the past. I think I've let go, NO, L, I know I've let go. I've confused holding on with my love for my H, my life, but it's more about me getting my needs met. The more you hold on the more unattractive you become and the more you push away the person your holding onto. Letting go brings back your attractiveness and empowerment. If you're holding on to a person who has left, they will be repulsed by it. Well, guess now I'm a beautiful, empowered Lady and repulsed by no one. Yep, that feels better. I still can tell my experiences with MM, but it's now more about paying it forward not sending hate vibes toward a great man. "He's a fine piece of real estate and I'm gonna get me some"

With our innate wisdom we know what to do to heal. We must listen to that wisdom...Scrabble people LISTEN, turn it around it = SILENT. We've got to be silent occassionally. L, is that possible for you? Somebody MM for me on that one, OK. Thank you.

"To stop divorce, it is not necessary for your spouse to be MM with you initially....that actually will come into the realm of possibilities down the road of this transformation" Mary. The down the road came tonight while walking down a road with my H. It's still very private what came into our connecting tonight, but maties, it was special. My H indicated some interest in this "stuff called MM" and we had a conversation which included some honesty about the ow and I didn't feel pain, I felt clean, free, empowered and no need to rush her on and out of our lives in peace and grace, of course, to find her own true happiness elsewheree, I know now that that will happen in Infinite Intelligence's time. But, by golly, I felt no pain....Letting go.

But I had to chuckle, inside of course, when he wanted to know what MM had to say about getting "massages" were they ok? More MM is required I guess.

I request and accept that my experience with my H now be accommodating, generous, and good natured toward me and our children easily, effortlessly and consistently

I request and accept only the best and highest for all concerned

I request and accept perfect clarity in "reading" and understanding my H quickly at all times and him me

I request and accept that we are "aligned" on all financial spending and savings issues.

This and something more for the good of all concerned and so it is now

This morning we had a breakthrough for the first time since we began our fall from grace. "H" could not talk to me without being overly defensive or angry, but this morning when he phoned he was cordial and considerate. He told me how his mother was doing since her surgery. He asked how I was doing and if I had any problems after the storm we just had. His voice sounded relaxed and I felt a genuine concern. I have not felt this in nearly a year now. It may seem small but it is such a major shift that I want to give thanks to those who have MasterMinded with me and to God who answers our prayers. See for my husband a strong return of the loving sacredness of our union and that he desire it as he desires to please God. See us both tearing down the barriers that have kept us from communicating for so long. See this as the tip of the iceberg and that the flow of respect, communication, trust, and harmony ignite our passion for one another. See any interest in "The Other Woman"  falling away and leaving our sacred space and going now to her greater good. Open his eyes and his heart - soften the soil so the seed may grow, water it and give it the sun for nourishment, and may we harvest the blessing of a stronger more passionate union which put God at the head of our lives. And so it is for me and for you.

New & Amazing- Posted by  M
First, the new part - that is me--- this process has begun a transformation, that I enjoy and love.
I am very comfortable with the new me.
The amazing part; "H" chatted with me this AM, after spending time with "The Other Woman," ( which he begged and begged for) he gained new insights and clarity; his determination to have the relationship has seriously diminished. He's seeing her differently, almost out of his reach and difficult for him.
He is acknowledging my difference and is wanting to hear more about MM......... not just yet though.
WE have not discussed marriage, nor divorce. We have talked about how each of has grown since this situation began and all the good that has come from it. This is a good place for me to be in, just now. Although my little devil on my shoulder is egging to thoughts that are fear based, I toss it out quickly. IT feels good to feel good.

It Works!- Posted by B
I have been MM that my husband would see that he spends way to much time on his video game 5+ hours a day after work. That he would realize that he should be spending that time with me and his family (children). Well at first even though I was MM I still fought it, but three weeks ago I stopped. It just seemed to be a moot point. I continued to MM, but instead of getting on him, I used my energy towards my children & myself. That was 3wk ago. Last night he sat next to me & said " I'm gonna quit football." I said " what?" He said " except maybe 1 day a week." Again I said " what?" He said " I am not gonna play that game anymore except one day a week, I am gonna start spending that time with you & the kids." I then fell off my seat. Please see for me that my husband follows thru with was he has said he will do. He finally sees this as a problem instead of my just nagging on him. Thank you everyone for all your energy!!!!

Trusting in All is in Divine Plan-  Posted by X
These past two days an enormous amount of forgiveness and releasing negative thoughts have come to me. I am forever thankful for this gift from God and the Universe's Divine Plan. The utter chaos that my family has gone through in the past year has in fact been part of the Divine Plan for us to grow and become healthier and wiser.

Hi friends, - Posted by M
I would like to read about successful restoration of somebody's marraige-- other than Mary's.
Are there archives or somesuch that I can access?
Does anybody know of a success story about using MM to not only stop the divorce but to reconcile the marriage?
It would so helpful to read about another success or two!

--------------- Posted by L in response to M's request:

Today, I feel a success in having followed Mary's sessions and her request board. I was on the web since last April just searching for help, I was in such pain, but the one thing that I did do was follow a lot of Wayne Dyer's messages about 'you'll see it when you believe it' and other things, like the Four Principles of Life, by Ruis, but I also search divorce web site making sure I had my behind covered. For some reason that made me even more bitter and more negative and I sent that out to everyone I came in contact with. My husband came back after a 5 month separation, why I didn't know at the time, now I do, because he wanted to and he wanted to see if things could work out for us, I didn't like that, I wanted it all and I wanted it now, pretty ego minded now that I think about it. Anyway from Sept. thru Dec. there were a lot of times I was in complete meltdown and so needy and yet my husband remained helping me, yet all I focused on was that he was still in contact with the 'petite one' and would slam him with negative energy and felt enormous fear of her, what did that get me, more of her and more of me in meltdown. Then it's December thank God I came across Mary's site and not knowing my butt from a hole in the ground started reading her words and kinda half way asking for a MM. My first posting was put at the bottom of the board, now I know why no one saw back for me. we live and learn every day, but I had my heart in the right place, I wanted my husband back and when I read Mary's words, "it ain't over till it's over" and "i had first dibs on my husband, period" and kept trying to post correctly untill I got it right did the Universe really come into my heart. Still I managed to keep some negative attractors and posted negative comments about "H" and the 'petite one'. But just as Annie and someone else mentioned on board, we must keep it all positive and bring in higher level energy or we can stay stuck in chaos.

I know that today "H" and I are a success. It doesn't mean that issues and situations won't come up, of course they will, this is life and life presents us daily with lessons. Today I know that when a moment of hurt and pain arise, then I have a lot more intelligence and wisdom and faith and trust and true adult feelings, and all the other wonderful words and statements that are now engrained in my heart and soul, and a lot of caring new MM friends that are at my disposal for immediate help and " see backs."

No matter what happens, we're all a success on board, Mary's site wasn't an accident, and no it's not the only place we should be looking for answers, because everyone has a unique situation in their own chaos, but Mary's site is a darn good place to start. And right now know that you are a success, your marriage is a success, you are in peace and harmony, love never leaves you.

Hope this helps you. And right now the thought ran thru my head that what if tomorrow things should not be as they are today for me and "H", and I said to myself "Self, those are just thoughts, and Self you should be thinking tomorrow my H and I will doing just great and moving into spirit and growing and laughing and love is here Self, it never leaves you.

I open my mind and my soul to the energy that I am about to see and send out into the universe.

I see everyone on board as a success story in their sacred marriages, their lives, and that all chaos and fears and doubts and negative attractors are replaced with peace, acceptance, harmony, love and the most incredible positive attractors that the spirit in all of us have are just dying to be let out, and we let them and we all move into higher energy from the Universe.

--------------- Posted by M in response:

L! Wow! Thank you! That's just what was needed, a true sincere account of working, living and seeing with MM. I truly do appreciate it.

Today I received two quick gifts that let me know I am indeed on the right path, and I will stick with it. The post you made with the twelve steps, esp. the one about power was a tremendous help. Using the power correctly is paramount and was concerned we were trying to will through our own power the actions and feelings of our loved one. Now I get it. My power, you power, our power is mighty, and we can build our consciousness to attract our desires ( not demands) into our daily experience.

Thank you dear friend, Thank you

For you dear L and your H, I see continuous building of your relationship, rooted in the strength of divinity, I see it protected by the all knowing originiting spirit-- it has a vested interest in your success and happiness, after all!

Yes, indeed, it is good

Hello, Happy Saturday Morning to all. - Posted by M:

Well now I know the reason for the knots, he called last night and told the whole story. Of course this started because my intuition had me ask about the Other Woman. I told him even if I wanted to get away form him' I couldn't because our connection is so powerful and he replied " likewise".

So, my point, right? I dunno, only I guess I affirming our connection and the knots are real, not my imagination - although I should know this because there are numerous times this knot stuff has happened in years past - not necessarily about OW, but about negative stuff. My question is in regard to Mary's statement about our vibrations going out and being read or felt by another. I wonder, is this an example of this? Of a person's thoughts and or actions being picked up by another? I may be going back to him next weekend, and I want to get a grip on this. He is a very different man-- or so it seems to be --- he says that someday he will get over her. I know, I know don't be fooled by appearances. Meanwhile for the first time in months, during our conversation last night, he wanted to talk about me... this is unusual and actually caught me off guard. I am so used to our conversations being only about him.

Good lord, how does one ever trust again?

Not stopping before My Miracle- Posted by L

In reading Session 12, I realize that I'm not "a living example of what humanity can be" toward myself, my husband or my children. I keep requesting, but still my thoughts "cling to past experiences as the only possible reality." Mary said we're to "learn to trust the desires of your heart, your spirit and your inner guidance." Right this moment I'm numb again as to what that really means. "I fear nothing and expect good comes" even as I type it and say it inside my head, I can't seem to make myself feel it. "You must mentally accept a happy, balanced, workable, sexy, satisfying marriage" that I want, but mentally I'm not getting there, because my husband is sleeping in the guest room, and still in touch with the OW, and states that if it weren't her it would be someone else. I don't react as harmfully as I did when I first heard his words about 8 or 9 months ago, but they still hurt and cause great fear. I must also state that my husband has also done and said wonderful things in the past months, as well, guess when he's in that state of fear and not able to let go of the past, he knows exactly what to do and say to hurt me and protect himself from loss of love.

"Get into a receiving state of mind", I don't know how at this point other than to request and accept that I will receive it. I read that even when we don't think it possible, put it out there so someone else on board who does believe it, sees it and feels it for you, then the energy comes back to you. This is what I'm intending right this moment, I want positive, peace and harmony to flow through me and for some reason there is blockage in me and it is hurting my kids, my sacred marriage, my work so I'll attend to sending out some requests for me. I know this is working, and as Mary stated " Disappointment is always and forever about not trusting" and "Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm" My disappointment and depression, are they because of my husband's infidelity? Or are they because "I don't trust my God-given authority to command good into my experience" and that "I'm managing my energy" incorrectly?

I request and accept that the true solutions dealing with my husband's infidelity be revealed to me now. I request and accept three powerful signs that will put me back in a relaxed mode.

Continued Bliss- Posted by M

I just want to say to everyone on the board and especially B: DON'T GIVE UP!!! This works.
For me it has been a most trying as well as healing and blissful 2 weeks.
My husband is starting to open up and talk about anything I need to. He is becoming truthful about all that he has lied about. He is becoming honest about his feelings of remorse and guilt and has made an absolute commitment to working on the marriage being totally honest and supporting my moments of "fear and anxiety".
I have been able to open up and tell him when I am having neg thoughts and so do not need to throw out an attitude or let my brain swim in those dark waters alone. In every case of telling him, I have been relieved.
Speak your mind, ask your questions, don't fear the truth - it will set you free even if it does hurt.

Suspicions- Posted by S

Even though my husband and I are reconciled, I am still checking up on him. I am finding phone numbers that I do not recognize.
Do I confront him about the phone numbers?
Do I just visualize that all is well? I am confused. I have read half of Mary's course and am trying to be positive, but I have weak moments
See for me peace of mind.

Re: Suspicions - Posted by L

Accept this back for you if it fits you at this time:  "I request and accept that the universe will open me to innate wisdom of what is the best for all concerned in this decision that I need to make."
This or something better and so it is in harmony.

Re: Suspicions - Tough spot, S - Posted by A

I have not reached reunion yet, and I pray that I have truly overcome my demon named Control and do not have that concern. However, we ARE human. This is a PHD course in marriage.

What I have gotten from my readings of the course is that we must absolutely stop all of the past behaviors that got us into the dilemma in the first place. Negative AEP. It is my sense of things that TRUST must be put into place - trust in them, trust in GOD, trust in ourselves. If we have the skill to manifest his return to our arms, then we certainly can manifest the continuance of a loving, lifelong marriage. The key to ALL of this seems to be, from my point of view, faith, trust and focus on all of the abundance tht is in our lives. If we focus on the negative or perceived negative, it will only draw more or create some.

Last Thursday I had an "aha" moment. KNOWING that I am more than OK, regardless of how God directs this, with zero vested interest one way or the other, has resulted in finding peace and serenity DEEP within. This resonates with me not only in relation to Mary's teachings, but also with my spiritual counselor. I have had many back and forths with Mary. She remains patient with me (99.9% of the time) but has also gotten in my face BIG TIME. I am grateful for that though - I NEEDED that. Without it, I am the type that would still be struggling. I can be the bull in the china shop even though I don't want to be. Control is an issue for me. I am learning just how subtle it is in me. I do not even see all of it - but Mary does and slams it right back at me. The hardest thing we ALL have to deal with is looking within ourselves. As Mary says - we were both there and we BOTH had responsibility for what occurred. I have certainly seen my contribution. Which does not mean I condone infidelity - just that I see my contribution to what occurred. HJ and I let go of focusing on all of the abundance in our lives - we just kept anchoring the negative which guessed it - MORE NEGATIVE.

It is my intent when my beloved returns to my arms to welcome him wholeheartedly and not look back. Echart Tolle says it all in "The Power of Now" - The past is over forever, the future is not here yet, only the NOW. I intend to live in the NOW as much as possible with my beloved husband. We will create our future as we go but if it is not filled with positive, it will not fair well.

If anyone reads this and disagrees or has another perspective (or would even like to agree with me), I would very much like to hear from them either on the board or to my email account.

Posted by S - In Reply to various " Re: Suspicions" posts:

I actually spoke with Mary about my knowledge that he was still in phone contact and that I was checking up on him in other way, she basically said "stop that" and I thought " oh I'll never be able to." Why? because I'm use to my old negative attractors, that's why. "What you attend to is what you intend" I forgot what session that's in. I've been following the follow ups onSuspiciousand asked a few other MM by e-mail.

I read all the follow ups again and again, trying to decide what to do. In one of Mary's sessions (11) there a web site that she suggest to go If You Have To Know, it's not that I more confused than ever, but yes, I am. I agree with both thoughts on what to do, but I must admit having a recorder and being able to hear what is said comes very close to what I want to do, and then I want trust. So, yes still confused. We are not in a place like M is, because he becomes defensive, which indicates that he's still very much in an emotional affair, which he doesn't consider an affair because there's no sex, do I believe him? Yes and no.

Posted by S - In Reply to " Re: Suspicions" posted by L

Thank you MM friends. It worked for me!

I was very upset when I sent my email. I read Mary's course where it said turn it over to the cook. So I did. I said "cook, I need peace of mind." The cook represented to me the MM message board. That worked for me.

When my husband came home, I was at peace and not disturbed. Thank you all for some where to go when I get so down.

Step Away from the Frog!- Posted by L

I recently read about a woman who prayed to God to help her with anger issues she was experiencing. She prayed and prayed and prayed. But people kept showing up in her life that really pissed her off and she just got angrier and angrier. So she asked God what was he thinking, she had asked for peace, and God answered 'I wanted to make sure you were serious.' Guess I need to be thankful that God is answering my prayers and wants to let me know that he's wondering if I'm really serious about loving my dear "H" unconditionally. I was watching TV yesterday and a Pizza Hut commercial came on with the Miss Piggy and Kermit. Well Kermit was getting a lot of attention from this beautiful young lady and Miss Piggy didn't like it so she takes a huge Bull horn and sticks it right in this woman's ear shouting "Step away from the Frog" and blows this beautiful, elegant lady right off the couch and she falls in an unpleasant position on the floor. Last summer in the worst of my perfect storm I was doing similar actions but they weren't in a TV commercial and somehow aren't as funny as I thought they were. My outrageous behaviors were just that, outrageous and it was time I moved on. This site has meant a lot to me, I'm finding that peaceful, spiritual and more elegant behaviors are a better solution. So instead of literally sticking a bull horn in the OW's ear and screaming "Step away from the frog," I just envision it for a few seconds and enjoyed the laughter.




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